It wasn’t easy to build MyAhmed. We’re not the first to market — because we’re taking our time to get it right. We’re using our experience in banking, technology and governance to create something we hope is quite special. 

For the safety of our community’s finances, we decided we wanted to tackle the issue of data security and trust within a Muslim environment. That’s partly why MyAhmed exists.

Trust is a scarce commodity, and for so many reasons, it’s even harder to come by within our community. What will you do with our data? Are money apps safe for Muslims? These are the questions we ask ourselves, as well as the ethicists we consult.

We set about proving this concept to be true — that it is possible to not only trust a Muslim finance company, but that it be truly robust behind the scenes. 

MyAhmed is designed by us, for us. We want to solve widely-held problems such as trust, credibility and security. We want to coach our people to success. And we want to rely on something that reflects us in the market. 

As a team, we decided to build the app in the UK. We wanted to measure up to the stringent financial regulatory environment of the UK — it’s tougher here than elsewhere — and build outwards. We wanted to ensure that MyAhmed is committed to the ethical use of data, and to ensure that it forms a part of our DNA no matter how big we might grow. 

How the app becomes a success matters to us — we can’t cut corners, and we can’t over-promise and under-deliver. We’ll try to say what we can do, and what we can’t. 

We hope you find MyAhmed inspiring — and more importantly, we hope to gain your trust.

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